Pioneer Trail Town Hall: Everything you need to know

Even though we've cleared out and claimed quite the chunk of land out in the frontier of Pioneer Trail, apparently our homestead has yet to be added to the official Frontier Map. If you want to rectify that, you'll need to build a Town Hall in your town via a new feature of the same name. First things first, you'll be introduced to Marco the Map Maker, who can add your homestead to the Frontier Map, but only after finishing some goals.

On Your Marco, Get Set, Go
  • Place the Town Square
  • Collect 20 Lemon Extract
  • Place the Town Hall

The Town Square is a lovely garden area for your Homestead, while the Town Hall is a new building you'll need to construct. The Lemon Extract is earned by harvesting Lemon Trees. You'll receive 450 XP, two Black Buffalo and three Red Clover for completing this goal.

Work & Play
  • Craft 1 Town Hall Poster
  • Harvest 12 Red Clover
  • Activate the Daily Bonus Double

The Daily Bonus Double can be found after you've completed the first phase of the Town Hall's construction. The Town Hall Poster is created using Paint Brushes and Poster Papers, both of which can be earned by asking your friends for help. You'll receive two White Oak Trees, a Town Sign and two Red Eyes for completing this goal.

Grounds for Fun
  • Craft 2 Park Benches
  • Feed 30 Adult Ox
  • Finish Cleaning Up

The "Cleaning Up" task details your finishing the second phase of the Town Hall's construction. The Park Benches, meanwhile, are complex crafting projects that require you to first craft metal Bench Frames and then use those with Town Plaques (earned by asking your friends to send them to you) to actually craft complete Park Benches. You'll receive 1,400 XP, two All You Can Eat Meals and two Hickory Tree Saplings for completing this goal.

Play it Safe
  • Collect 20 Pot Luck Dishes
  • Craft 1 Daily Bonus Doubler Reset
  • Finish the Town Hall

The Town Hall can be finished by completing its third stage of construction. The Daily Bonus Doubler Reset is crafted using Priority Mail and Boost Permits, both of which are earned via friends' help. For completing this final goal, you'll receive 2,200 XP, two more All You Can Eat Meals and two Hickory Tree Saplings.

From this point, you can send more Red Clover seeds and Hickory Tree Saplings to your friends via the game's free gifts page. You can also complete a new Town Hall Collection by building and tending to this Town Hall in the future.

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

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