Game of the Day: IA Fish

ia fish game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is a test of survival. In IA Fish you'll need to avoid hungry, bigger fish patrolling the waters. Gobble up smaller fish to slowly grow bigger. You'll have to keep your fish happy by eating the highlighted fish types. Of course, as a hungry fish, you're always looking to snack on some worms. Keep your fish happy, alive, and well fed and you'll soon be king of the river.

IA Fish starts off somewhat slowly. You're only big enough to eat the smallest guppies and worms. Unfortunately, the small fish are really hard to catch. I recommend using a swiping technique to catch as many of the little mobile fish as possible. That way you can get on to the larger prey and the real action. Be sure to check out IA Fish below!
ia fish game of the dayia fish game of the day
What was your best IA Fish high score?
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