Hidden Chronicles Coin Fountain: Win up to 1 million coins each day

While coins may not be as important as energy in Hidden Chronicles, they still allow you to purchase all sorts of decorations and buildings for your estate, which can then be used to unlock additional scenes. Since this is a cycle that we can't really avoid, why not help increase you in-game bank account by adding to it with up to one million coins each and every day? You can now have a chance at doing just that by building the Coin Fountain on your Estate.

The Coin Fountain requires building parts to construct:

  • 3 Aqua Vitae

  • 8 Fintail Goldfish

  • 5 Marble Blocks

  • 4 Mosaic Tiles

  • 1 Trident

The Marble Blocks and Tridents are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests, while the other three items are earned via general news posts on your wall. Once the Coin Fountain is finished, you'll be able to collect from it once every nine seconds for a chance at up to 1 million coins.

To be specific, you'll spend two energy each time you wish to collect from the fountain, and are guaranteed to get some amount of coins in return - that's right, this is the first time a fountain has ever given us coins, rather than the other way around. There's no guarantee that the coins you'll receive will be great or small, but there is a chance for one million coins, which would definitely be worth the two energy investment, wouldn't you say?

What do you think of this Coin Fountain? What would you do if you received 1 million coins in Hidden Chronicles? Sound off in the comments.