FarmVille Mystery Game (04/29/12): Extinct animals come back to life (virtually)


This week's Mystery Game in FarmVille has an incredibly unique theme, as it focuses on extinct animals in the real world that have been brought back to life as animals that can be placed on your farms. This week's game costs 20 Farm Cash to play (unless you have a supply of free darts to throw at the board), and for that price, you can expect to walk away with one of the following six animals:

  • Aurochs

  • Caspian Tiger

  • Cave Lion

  • Greak Auk

  • Moa

  • Quagga

As usual, if you can earn at least one of each of these six animals, you'll receive a special seventh prize for free (well, no additional charge): the Carolina Parakeet. Remember though, as intriguing as this Carolina Parakeet sounds, you will likely end up with plenty of duplicate items along the way, and will spend much more Farm Cash than you might have initially anticipated in winning the six basic prizes listed above. Still, these items will only be around for a week's time, so feel free to throw as many darts at the board as you'd like if you want these animals in your collection.

[Via FarmVille Freak]

Did you throw any darts at this week's Mystery Game board? Which animal(s) did you end up walking away with? Let us know in the comments.