CityVille Tree of Life: Everything you need to know

If you liked the St. Patrick's Day Rainbow feature in CityVille, hold onto your hats, as a new, almost identical feature has launched in the game called the Tree of Life. This Tree of Life can be thought of as the rainbow from the previous feature, in that it can be built with birds through six levels of upgrades until you've eventually grown the entire thing.

To be specific, the Tree of Life is available to users Level 10 or above, and you'll have a month to complete it. It's technically a decoration, offering up to a 300% payout bonus, depending on the kinds of items you place it next to. To grow your tree, you'll need to collect different kinds of birds (think of these as the clover from the Rainbow event), with each level requiring more and more birds to complete. These birds can be earned by purchasing them with City Cash or by asking your friends for a random bird every few hours.

You can also collect birds by collecting profits from special "Nature" themed buildings in the store. These buildings, like the Treeline Terrace home or Ground Goods business can be found under the "Specials" heading and then under the "Nature" tab at the far end of the menu. Some cost coins, but many will set you back City Cash, making your friends even more valuable in this event if you'd rather finish it for free.

If you can finish this entire tree in the next 31 days, you'll not only have an incredibly tall bird-filled tree to use as a decoration in your city, but will also gain 100 energy to use in any way that you'd like. Whether or not that's as great of a prize as the 1 million coins offered previously will be up to you.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the Tree of Life in CityVille? Will you try to grow the entire tree over the next month in your city? Sound off in the comments.