FarmVille Mother's Day Countdown contents revealed!

This week marked the launch of a new countdown in FarmVille that will help mothers everywhere feel special. That's right, it's a Mother's Day countdown and we'll be able to participate in this feature over the next ten days to earn a variety or prizes with mom in mind. FVNation has discovered the full list of items that we'll unlock (one per day) throughout this event, so let's see what we can look forward to!

Day 1: Mother's Day Teddy
Day 2: Mom's Favorite Gnome
Day 3: Mother's Day Patio
Day 4: Mom Otter
Day 5: Mom's Vacation Home
Day 6: Ducks in a Row
Day 7: Mother Doe
Day 8: Flower Cart
Day 9: Mom Kangaroo
Day 10: Candy Bouquet Tree
Day 11: Piggyback Bear
Day 12: Paper Flower Tree

As with other countdowns, you have some major incentive to make sure and earn each of these 12 prizes, as doing so allows you to win a special 13th prize: a Mother's Day Horse. If you think you're going to run out of time to finish this event, or simply wish to purchase more than one of each item, you can also do so for Farm Cash. This includes the Mother's Day Horse, which is then available to purchase for 60 Farm Cash after you've earned your first for free.

What do you think of the prizes that will be available throughout this Mother's Day countdown? Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.