Dreamtopia: Gather emotions on the go on iPhone or iPad

In March, ngmoco launched Dreamtopia on Android, a game that combined the basic gameplay elements of the company's popular We Rule kingdom game with dreaming and emotions. Now that some time has passed, iOS gamers can get in on this virtual city-builder with a twist, as the game has launched for free for both iPhone and iPad.

As a refresher, this Mobage offering allows you to "farm" emotions for progress and profit. Different emotions require different amounts of time to dream, with the quality of these emotions having a larger effect on your overall game. Dream of happy things and your kingdom becomes happier and vice versa. Via dreaming and harvesting emotions, you can earn coins that can be invested back into your land via the purchase of decorations and buildings, while all the while completing quests and helping your citizens fulfill their life goals by surrounding them with matching emotions and dreams.


Like in We Rule, you'll be able to visit friends and will have the option of spending real money on premium currency to speed up your overall progress. Overall, it's a fairly basic social mobile game setup, with a cute theme that's worth checking out, and with its launch on iOS, many more mobile gamers can actually do so.

Click here to download Dreamtopia on iOS --->

Have you tried Dreamtopia on Android? What did you think of this interesting take on the general We Rule gameplay formula? Sound off in the comments.

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