CityVille: Spring Cleaning means less goals for you to complete


If you often feel buried or overwhelmed by all of the goals available in CityVille at any one point in time, you may or may not be happy to learn that some goals are being removed from the game entirely, whether you've finished them off or not. Sure, this means less goals to sort through to find the one that you're currently trying to complete, but it also means losing out on rewards that you may not be able to get again.

Here's a list of the goals / goal series that are being removed:

Many of these quests are related to the Halloween holiday, so you might have already completed them. Others, like the Cider Mill or Apple Farm goals, required you to place the community building and little else. Still, it's unfortunate that the goal system in the game isn't simply being reorganized, rather than having these removed entirely, as players should be able to take as much time as they need to complete the goals as Zynga continues to release so many more.

For the record, items like the Go Karts attraction, UK Embassy, Halloween Neighborhood and Winter Castle should still be available to purchase even after these goals are removed "very soon," but it still wouldn't hurt to purchase them for your cities if you've yet to do so already.

Again, there's no exact expiration date for these goals as of this writing, but we're told that they'll be deleted "very soon." Make sure you finish any your interested in finishing while you still can before they're gone for good.

Have you finished all of these goals in CityVille, or will you now begin a mad dash to finish them all before it's too late? Sound off in the comments.