Rule the Kingdom adds city-building to a strategy RPG on Android

Game Insight studio InnoWate, perhaps best known for its Facebook game My Country, has launched a new freemium medieval adventure on Android by the name of Rule the Kingdom. The game combines elements from city-builders (like My Country) with RPG gameplay and world exploration similar to that of ngmoco's Skyfall (also on Android).

Rule the Kingdom places you in the role of an amnesiac warrior that is quickly discovered to be the rightful heir to a plot of land in a larger kingdom. Your kingdom will be threatened by enemies both large and small, so you'll need to build up your piece of medieval property by growing crops, chopping trees, and of course, building an army, while all the while building homes for citizens to live and unlocking blueprints for extra resources. Where most city-building games stop there, and simply ask you to set actions to complete only to come back to the game later, Rule the Kingdom gives you plenty to do while the workers of your kingdom are hard at work. For instance, the game's quest system will often have you completing campaigns or missions in other locations throughout this expansive world, like traveling to the royal palace, visiting a mine to rescue trapped workers, and so on.

Combat takes place automatically in these instances, requiring you to do little more than tap on an enemy to set your character (and any accompanying characters) to attack. You can boost your character's strength by equipping it with magical orbs that absorb damage, allow you to instantly use magical spells, etc. Loot is won at the end of battles, giving you a chance to better equip your character for the increasingly frequent dangers you'll face. While many enemies are readily available to attack, others may appear in the fog that covers each unexplored area. As you walk into these areas, the fog lifts and shows you any interactive items or characters, which is where the similarities to games like Skyfall become incredibly fitting (on top of the character customization options).


Depending on your device, the game's menus and text may be incredibly small and even hard to read at times, which is unfortunate as the gameplay is fairly in-depth and therefore more enjoyable for a mobile free-to-play experience. The game is monetized via the inclusion of Crystals that serve as the game's premium currency. You can use these to unlock items or speed up the progress of your workers, among other options. You can also add friends to your game via the use of individual friend codes (on top of connecting to your Facebook account), and will earn gold or Crystals for doing so. While the game's social aspects are appreciated, you can just as easily enjoy the game entirely by your lonesome while never investing one real cent in the experience.

Kingdom building games are nothing new, and even mobile RPGs are becoming more and more cliched, but Rule the Kingdom offers a fun combination of the two that's worth checking out if. You can download it for free on the Google Play store starting today.

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Have you tried Rule the Kingdom on Android? What do you think of this colorful combination of city-building and RPG gameplay types? Sound off in the comments.

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