FarmVille Mother's Day Countdown: Everything you need to know

I hope you collected all of the items for the April Showers countdown in FarmVille, as that one has now been replaced with one celebrating Mother's Day. Like other countdowns, this one will last for 12 days, during which time you'll be able to receive 12 unique prizes by asking your friends to send you collectibles every day (or, once every six hours if you're dedicated to the feature).

So far, we've been able to collect two prizes: a Mother's Day Teddy and Mom's Favorite Gnome, so that leaves us with 10 prizes that have yet to be unlocked! You can unlock them early with Farm Cash, or you can simply wait for the clock to strike over on a new day for the next 10 days and earn these items for free. Each item requires you to ask your friends for certain collectibles via general news posts on your wall, so it shouldn't be that difficult to complete in the long run.

Remember, if you can collect all 12 prizes throughout this countdown, you'll walk away with a special 12th prize. It's likely an animal (if history has taught us anything), but that much is still a secret for right now. If you can't wait to unlock this special final prize for free, you can also purchase it with Farm Cash (the amount of Farm Cash decreases based on how many of the countdown's items you've already unlocked).

Whatever you decide, just remember to login to your farm everyday during this feature so you can add a ton of motherly love to your farms and your life over the next two weeks.

What sorts of prizes do you hope are given away over the next 10 days? Sound off in the comments.