Lunchtime Poll: Should Facebook have Credit spending limits for kids?

Facebook kids
Facebook kids

For parents in the age of social and mobile gaming, it's not enough for them to worry about little Johnny stealing from their wallets for change to blow at the local arcade. Kids these days have the Internet savvy (and nerve) to take mommy or daddy's credit card and buy digital goods online for their favorite Facebook or iPad game.

In fact, sometimes it's even simpler than that when said parent has his or her credit information saved into Facebook or the little gadget in question. The issue has not only made headlines, but will soon make it to the courts. Social gaming companies in Japan seem to be ahead of the curve--as they're so wont to be--when it comes to kids spending mom and pop's hard-earned cash on digital doodads.

Both GREE and DeNA, the country's two largest mobile social game companies, have introduced monthly spending limits for kids based on their age, The Japan Times reports. Children playing games through either DeNA's Mobage network or GREE will be limited to spending between ¥5,000 ($61.79) and ¥10,000 ($123.58), depending on their age. Hmm, now wouldn't certain American companies avoid lots of PR issues if they opted to do the same? WIth that, we ask you...

[Via Gamasutra]

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