Game of the Day: Edge Run

edge run game of the day
Running on edge? Well kick back and play today's Game of the Day, Edge Run. In Edge Run, you play as a ladybug trying to collect stars. Of course, those stars won't always be easy to reach.You'll have to maneuver moving platforms that will send you careening all over the screen. Gaping chasms, obstacles, and dangerous enemies all stand in your way. The real question is, why would anyone want to fire missiles at a star-collecting ladybug?

Despite the weaker premise, Edge Run is super fun. And if the gameplay doesn't get you excited, the soundtrack will. Once you hear Edge Run's rip-snorting electro riffs, you'll know its time to start collecting stars. Be careful though not to get too worked up though, I know there's a few old-timers out there. But whether you're young or old, I promise you'll enjoy Edge Run, so give it a try below.

Play Edge Run!
edge run game of the dayedge run game of the day
How far did you get in Edge Run?
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