CityVille Subways: Everything you need to know

Now that your Downtown expansion in CityVille has started filling up with premium businesses and luxury homes, your many new citizens will need a way to better travel around your downtown's congested streets. What better way to get from point A to B than by utilizing an underground metro system? Luckily, your citizens can do just that, as a subway feature has launched in the game. Note: You must be level 20 to access subways, but you can build them both in your main city or in your Downtown expansion.

First things first, you'll be able to build up to 20 subway entrances in your city, with the first being given to you via an in-game goal (subsequent subways entrances can be purchased from the store for 45,000 coins). Each of these subway entrances act as their own businesses, requiring 500 Goods to operate and giving off 2,125 coins in earnings. They'll also require building parts to construct:

  • 8 Subway Maps
  • 8 Metal Rebars
  • 8 Solar Lights

Even if you only build a single subway entrance in either your downtown or main city, you'll also need to build a subway stop. If you're in downtown, you can simply expand out to the subway stop that is already available on your map (using citizens and Zoning Permits to expand as normal), or use the one that appears in your inventory.

Unlike subway entrances, you'll only be able to have a single subway stop. It too requires construction, but since you can only have one, the building requirements are more difficult.

  • 10 Pneumatic Drills
  • 10 Metal Rebars
  • 10 Wooden Beams
  • 10 Subway Turnstiles
  • 10 Solar Lights

Once you have at least one subway entrance and a complete subway stop in either your downtown or main city, you can then start sending subway cars from the entrance to the stop. These subway cars contain commuter citizens that will appear from the subway stop station and then spend twice as much as regular citizens in your businesses. In other words, these citizens will cause your businesses to sell out twice as fast, so make sure to place businesses that you're working on upgrading as close to the subway stop as you can for easier access to these commuters!

Don't forget, there are subway goals to complete along the way as well, so we wish you luck in fishing them all!
What do you think of the new Subway system in CityVille? Sound off in the comments.
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