Two leading Angry Birds makers ditch to create ... the next Angry Birds


Not literally, of course, but in theory. VentureBeat reports that two leading members of the team that created Angry Birds, Rovio, have left to form their own studio in hopes of crafting the next hit casual game. Based in Helsinki, Finland, it's called Boomlagoon, and founders Antti Stén and Tuomas Erikoinen look to strike gold once more through the power of HTML5.

Stén, former lead server architect at Rovio, and ex-lead artist at the Finnish game maker Erikoinen will use their extensive experience to navigate the gaming world as a start-up. "We know a thing or two about successful games and high volumes and we'll use this knowledge to spawn something very cool and new," Stén told VentureBeat.

While it's a loss for Rovio, the move isn't terribly surprising: It's understandable for leaders behind one of the most popular mobile games ever to branch off and try something new at the franchise's high point. According to VentureBeat, Boomlagoon was born of--what else, when it comes to both great and risky ideas?--drinks. Stén told VentureBeat, "If we play our cards right we just might end up with the next Angry Birds."

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