5 Companies Americans Can Be Proud Of

A Nucor steelworker cleans a tube used to pour molten steel. AP
A Nucor steelworker cleans a tube used to pour molten steel. AP

When a big company gains enough momentum that its direction becomes self-sustaining, its influence can ripple through society -- for better or worse. Whether it's the environment being polluted with reckless abandon or CEOs lining their pockets at the expense of employees, shareholders, and consumers, recent headlines show plenty of evidence of capitalism at its worst.

But there are also companies that are doing right -- and all too often they are overshadowed by their less-conscientious peers.

Call it conscious capitalism or just good business, but the following five companies have all prospered in every measure over the last decade -- and have done so by doing good for their employees, suppliers, customers or the general public.


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