Greek gods run the show in this week's The Sims Social theme

The Sims Social Greek Gods Week
Now that your Sim is all loose and limber--thanks to last week's Pampering Week in The Sims Social--it's time to whip Littlehaven into shape. It's Greek Gods week in Playfish's Facebook game. This week, players will get to help the mighty Zeus find his lost crown, which somehow involves the mysterious Pandora's Box.

In this Olympian-inspired update, players will have to build a Lonely Mermaid Sculpture, which will eventually reward them with a My Pegasus Pal, one of the three items needed for this week's collection. Greek Gods takes a modern approach to what would otherwise be an ancient theme, offering an Olympian Weightlifting Kit for players as a new Athletic Skill item.
The Sims Social Greek Gods Week 1
Players interested in upping their Sim's Writing Skill can give the new Philosophers Chair a spin, while artistic Sims can look to a fresh block of marble to chisel their own masterpiece. We're told that players will somehow be able to throw lightning bolts at their fellow Sims, which is infinitely more interesting (to us, personally) than any of this week's decor. You can call this writer "The Sim Smiter" from now on.

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