Disney veterans to fire up yet another Diablo-style game on Facebook

Rebel Entertainment
Rebel Entertainment

Their name is Rebel Entertainment, and these ex-Disney game designers think that their dungeon-crawling social game will be better than the rest when it lands later this year. Former Disney Online executive Mike Goslin and other Mouse House expats' confidence rests on one pillar: real-time, online and cooperative mutliplayer inside Facebook.

Real-time multiplayer on Facebook is a concept that's certainly been done before, but not within a fantasy hack-and-slash setting. "I think the big differentiator is really playing with real people in real-time, not just playing a single-player game that has sort of social features that allow you to communicate asynchronously," Goslin told GamesIndustry International. "The only way to retain players is to give them more to do, give them more content. To me the best and longest-lasting content is community."

Goslin is the head of Rebel Entertainment's first project as GM, and faces stiff competition from developers like Rumble and perhaps even Kixeye, as both look to unleash similarly-styled role-playing games on Facebook this year. Of course, this is all assuming that "hardcore" gamers seek such an experience on Facebook. Then again, teaming up with a few buddies in real time to give a few monsters what for sure does sound like a blast.

[Via Gamasutra]

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