CastleVille Art Faire Party: Everything you need to know

With the arrival of Giovanni in CastleVille, our Kingdom has become a great place for artists and art enthusiasts alike to share in their love of the arts via the launch of a permanent new party that can be crafted and thrown via your Party Pavilion. This party is called the Art Faire Party, and it's activated by crafting a Puppet Booth that can be placed in your kingdom.

A single Puppet Booth requires 10 Wood Planks, three old Socks and two Wool Cloths to craft. The Socks can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. When you're ready for the finished product, you'll need to wait two hours for the Puppet Booth to actually finish crafting, but from there you'll have a new party to celebrate in your Kingdom. What's more, this permanent can be crafted time and time again and is a new permanent feature in the Pavilion.

Of course, the main reason to craft and celebrate these parties is for the prizes that you can earn for doing so. You'll be able to craft new pieces of White Tile that can be used as roads or just decorations, Stained Glass Fencing, Ornate Glass Lanterns, Gargoyle Statues, Mysterious Potions and Muse Whisperer items. While some of these are decorative, items like the Mysterious Potion can be drank to give yourself a random consumable (whether that's a building part or something different). Like with previous parties, you'll need to craft the first item before moving into the next, as they unlock one at a time. The Muse Whisperer is the exception to this rule, as it can be crafted from the beginning as well.

While there's no set of quests (as of this writing) that require you to craft these many Pavilion prizes, this will still give you plenty to do if you're one of the many players that have completed most every quest in your Kingdom and are looking for ways to occupy your time. We'll make sure to let you know if crafting any of these items becomes more of a mandatory endeavor, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of the permanent Art Faire Party? Are you glad this is a permanent addition to the game, or would the prizes mean more if they were limited edition? Sound off in the comments.