Mmmm ... donuts: Will Angry Birds Space enter The Simpsons' orbit?

Angry Birds Space The Simpsons
Angry Birds Space The Simpsons

As if Rovio's furious, feathered fowl didn't have enough friends to journey into space with. Now, TechCrunch reports that The Simpsons may pay the Angry Birds a visit in their newest game, Angry Birds Space. Since the mobile hit's newest update went live yesterday, the next world in the Angry Birds trajectory looks uncannily similar to Homer Simpson's favorite donut.

You know, the one with the pink frosting and sprinkles? When players look at the world view screen in Angry Birds Space, they'll see between the new ice planet and the Golden Eggsteroid a pink-frosted donut peeking out of brown packaging. And considering the fact that Fox is already a partner with the Finnish game maker since its Rio-branded game, a promotion like this would make a whole lot of sense.

That's especially since sharp-eyed The Simpsons fans might remember that Angry Birds has been featured and mentioned on the long-running TV show more than once. If this supposed branded partnership goes well, Fox and Rovio could run with it into who knows what. With stuff like an Angry Birds cookbook floating around, it's clear that a deal between the two could go anywhere at this point. Who's up for Angry Birds donuts?

[Image Credit: PocketNow]

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