Want to make your own iPhone games (for real money)? Then try this

Sketch Nation Studio
Sketch Nation Studio

No game design or development experience required. Engineous Games has the technology, and it's called Sketch Nation Studio, a free iPhone and iPad game that allows players to craft their own platformer or runner iOS games. What's better is that the games that players make can be sold on the App Store for real money, albeit far less than a true game maker would reel in.

Engineous Games claims to provide all the tools would-be game makers need in Sketch Nation Studio, but without the need for programming experience or even brilliant artistry skills. The game lets players choose the type of game they want to make--which amounts to either a Doodle Jump-style platformer or an endless runner like Tiny Wings. Then, players get to draw their main characters, their various obstacles and the backdrop for their levels.

Players can even program enemies to attack or impede the protagonist's progress. After players have created their own iOS platform game, they can then sell it on the App Store through Engineous Game, making $.35 on every game sold. Of course, Apple takes a third of the $.99 price from the top, and Engineous takes another third. Still, you could stand to make some cash on the side, if you're good enough. Either way, you might have some fun doing it.

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