Former Nazi Watch Tower Converts to Chic Luxury Home

We've shown you some pretty crazy living quarters -- missile silos, "earthships," mushrooms, the list is endless -- but a one-time Nazi watchtower takes that list of conversions to a whole other level.

Outside a Belgian village named Steenokkerzeel is Chateu d'Eau, a six-floor luxury home that was formerly a water tower, but was also used by Nazi occupiers as a lookout in World War II (if those walls could talk).

While the 70-year-old structure still has the eerie look of a Nazi "tour de guete" from the outside, inside it's as sleek and contemporary as a Manhattan penthouse. ("Every visible concrete element inside was painted in dark grey in order to mark the old from the new," says Bham, the interior architects at the helm of the redesign).

Owing in large part to a complete gutting and renovation in 2008 that left just the structure's concrete skeleton. The tower -- which was believed to have been built sometime between 1938 and 1941 -- was then split into six floors, had an elevator installed, and was filled with luxe furnishings not unlike those you'd expect in a bachelor pad. But without a doubt, it's still a highly stylish and creative conversion of what was once a somewhat awkward space.

The home features a bedroom, bathroom, and sprawling living and dining spaces. From the kitchen, you can view "incredible vistas" of airplanes landing at the national airport nearby. The home even boasts a luxury house and cat terrace! See for yourself in the video below (warning: for visuals only, unless you speak French).