Here's why It Girl's CrowdStar just dumped Facebook like a bad habit

Modern Girl
Modern Girl

It's all about what's in your pocket, baby. CrowdStar, creator of hit Facebook games like Happy Aquarium and It Girl, will not develop one more new game for the social network. Instead, the developer has opted to create games solely for mobile devices, like iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Luckily, CrowdStar will continue to support some of its existing Facebook games.

"We are maintaining the old games, like Happy Aquarium, but we don't build new Facebook PC games any more - we are 100 percent focused on mobile," CrowdStar CEO Peter Relan told All Things Digital. Relan chalked this up to both an audience of 13 to 30-year-old females that are "very mobile and communications-oriented" and his own belief that the Facebook gaming audience has reached its peak.

CrowdStar has been on a tear in the mobile gaming world, especially with the ladies. The developer has released three iterations of its popular "Girl" series of games, which collectively garnered an impressive 20 million downloads. Of course, CrowdStar's future mobile-only games will continue to use Facebook Connect as a means for players to socialize in-game.

The news comes as a surprise considering just recently the developer touted Project Trident, a move to focus on Facebook, mobile devices and Asian audiences. With the Facebook game scene looking more like a food pyramid (with Zynga at the top) these days, we suggest CrowdStar renames the initiative to something like "Project Tuning Fork."

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