Watch Ghost Recon: Commander in all its gun-gripping glory [Video]

Ghost Recon Commander
Ghost Recon Commander

Stop us if you've heard this one before: It's been billed as "a Facebook game for gamers." Ghost Recon: Commander is slated for a May release ahead of its console counterpart, Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Developed by John Romero and Brenda Brathwaite's Loot Drop studio and published by Ubisoft, it's designed specifically with the core gaming audience in mind.

And now, we know exactly how it will play. Well ... almost exactly. We know that the game will feature a form of real-time-meets-turn-based combat from an isometric perspective. Players will go toe-to-toe with enemies in various locations inspired by classic stages from the Ghost Recon series. But what's interesting is how players will interact with their friends.

In Ghost Recon: Commander, players won't visit a property that a friend has created, but rather recruit him or her as a mercenary for a price based on how skilled they are. Then, that player and others can help you by providing resources, like grenades that can turn the tide of a skirmish. But enough talk, just check the preview provided to G4TV below:

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