Game of the Day: Daily Jumble

Daily Jumble
Daily Jumble

Get your daily dose of word gaming with Daily Jumble, today's Game of the Day. It even comes with a funny little comic strip that's integrated into the final puzzle. Basically you get four words to unscramble (and you do it by moving the letters with your mouse) and once you solve those four, the red circled letters lead to a final puzzle that's the comic strip's punchline. Besides solving the puzzle, there's a timer and a score keeper that calculates points based on your speed.

Now, this game is obviously a digital version of the ones you get in the print edition of newspapers. But something you've never gotten from newspapers is the "Hint" function for when you get stuck. Now you won't have to wait for tomorrow's edition of the paper to find out what the answers are! (Though you do lose points for each hint used.) And if you miss the feel of working on these puzzles on paper, then there's a "Print" button on-screen too! If you're up for the challenge, check out Daily Jumble below.

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