FarmVille Tree Groves: Everything you need to know

Attention tree farmers! A new feature in FarmVille will help you earn double or even quadruple the tree mastery points every time you harvest an orchard! Sounds great, right? The feature is called a Tree Grove, and you'll need to start building them on your farms to capitalize on these bonus mastery points, coins and even coconuts.

To be specific, a Tree Grove functions very much like an Orchard, in that you'll be able to use it to store 20 individual trees, and can then harvest those trees once every two days for the expected rewards. You can build different Groves across all of your farms, but you must complete one before building another on that same farm. You'll need to build each one from scratch using 30 building ingredients.

  • 10 Mini Boulders

  • 10 Mulch Soil

  • 10 Turf Rolls

These items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, by claiming them from friends' wall posts or by purchasing them outright with Farm Cash. Once you've finished the construction of a single Tree Grove, you can not only start storing trees within it, but you can also take advantage of what really makes them different and worthwhile: their bonus blue areas.

When hovering on a Tree Grove, you'll see two blue outlines that are conveniently large enough to hold an Orchard within them. To be clear, this simply means that you'll need to place one or two Orchards next to one or both sides of the Tree Grove so that they're sitting "within" that blue bonus area. Groves can face in two directions, as seen below.

For each blue bonus zone that touches an Orchard, that Orchard will receive 100% more mastery points and 15% more coins and Coconuts whenever it's harvested. Say you have an Orchard with 20 full trees inside, and the trees normally pay out 3,000 coins when harvested. You'll then receive 40 mastery points and 6,000 coins when in a single blue zone.

Luckily, since these Groves offer blue zones in two different directions, you can actually "stack them" and allow up to four of them to boost a single Orchard each time it's harvested, for a complete boost of 400% mastery and (in theory) 60% extra coins and coconuts with each harvest. Just remember, these boosts apply only to the Orchards within the blue zones, and not to the Tree Groves themselves.

One final thing to note is the introductory prize that Zynga is offering to players that complete their first Tree Grove fast. After finishing your first Tree Grove, you'll receive a second, fully-built Tree Grove for free. You can only receive one free Tree Grove, but one is definitely better than none with all of the potential that a single Tree Grove brings to the game.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start building your very own Tree Groves and you'll have more tree mastery stars and signs than you can count in no time!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the Tree Grove feature in FarmVille? Will you try to earn the 400% mastery bonus by having four Tree Groves surround a single Orchard? Sound off in the comments.