Catholic School Teacher Fired, Called 'Grave, Immoral Sinner,' For Infertility Treatments

Emily Herx couldn't have children. She suffered from a diagnosed medical condition that causes infertility, but she and her husband were determined. A Catholic school teacher, Herx asked her principal to take some sick days so she could undergo fertility treatments, reports the Journal Gazette. Soon after, she was fired. Herx was a "grave, immoral sinner," according to the the pastor of the school's church, and was being let go because of her "improprieties related to church teachings or law."

Now, in a case that may test the limits of how much religious schools can control the behaviors of their non-ministerial staff, Herx is suing the school, and the Fort Wayne-South Bend Catholic Diocese. She is claiming sex discrimination and disabilities discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act. She's requesting lost wages, punitive damages, attorney's fees, and compensation for her "mental anguish and emotional distress."