Arkadium grants granny gamers some puzzlers on

Old Gamer
Old Gamer

Facebook gamers: You can make your profile public again. Granma and granpa have a place to play without blowing up your News Feed now that Arkadium has inked a deal with The New York-based social game creator has pushed 25 of its most popular games to the senior-focused website for visitors to play for absolutely free.

While Arkadium's list features casino-style games, like Spider Solitaire and Blackjack, the majority of games includes Arkadium hits, including Mahjongg Dimensions and Eggz. visitors will also get play casual gaming staples, like Sudoku, Crossword, Word Find and Jigsaw.

Unfortunately, folks with grandparents or parents wielding social network savvy are in trouble. games will let players tweet links to their favorite games, "Like" their favorite games on Facebook and even share their high scores in the News Feed. Hey, at least grandmom and grandpop won't be able to message you for in-game gifts.

"We are excited to be adding so many of Arkadium's games to our site," Director of Social Media and Benefits Club Jennifer Fragale said in a release. "Arkadium will provide a robust entertainment experience that grandparents and grandkids alike will find amusing."

On second thought, we're sorry mommom and poppop, please don't stop playing with us. We would miss your accidentally-public-but-clearly-private messages on Facebook.

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