Let A Super Mario Summary steal away your precious work minutes

A Super Mario Summary
A Super Mario Summary

You've played Super Mario. You know Super Mario. But you've never seen Super Mario like this. Game designer Johan Peitz has crafted A Super Mario Summary, a rewriting and redrawing of every level from the original Super Mario Bros, squeezing the general premise of each into a single screen. In short, it's the only way you'll get snack-sized sessions of the main man in red in your web browser.

And of course, it's free to play. According to Kotaku, it's the result of the latest Ludum Dare, a game creation competition held in the span of a weekend that sees independent game makers create games in a matter of days. The Mario tribute employs a pixel art design that's both fresh and retro simultaneously.

Basically, we're willing to bet you'll be catching minutes between meetings and at lunch with A Super Mario Summary. It just begs to be played between other important things. You know, like work, school ... eating. And all we can think about is the gold mine that Nintendo is sitting on as we speak.

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