Saving on Sneakers

Savings Experiment: Running Shoes Sneakers can come with a hefty price tag, but do you really need all of those bells and whistles? The answer is no. According to professional runner Marco Anzures, a modest pair of running shoes will do. The key to saving money on your sneaks is to make sure you have the right training.

Anzures, who has been running for 10 years and is training to make Mexico's Olympic team, says that beginner runners should focus on buying a shoe that's comfortable and fits from the start. If you find yourself in the store saying things like "I'll get used to it," that's a sign that the shoe isn't right for you. Expensive running sneakers tend to offer special stability and cushioning features, which claim to protect your foot, but are mostly gimmicks, Anzures says.

"I wouldn't bet against the millions of years of human evolution that have prepared our lower body, our knees and our feet to protecting ourselves, because we were made to run," he explains. "It's the things that we need to do outside of our running that's going to keep us injury-free and running healthy and happily."

running shoesIn this video, Anzures offers two simple exercises that will increase stability and strength. All you need is a small towel, a grassy space and your bare feet. By practicing these easy training tips, you can train your body to be all the support you need, which will save you a bundle when you're sneaker shopping, and make you a better runner in the, well, long run.
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