Game of the Day: Rotato

rotato game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is none other than Rotato! Rotato is a matching blocks puzzle game with a twist. Choose from Puzzle mode or Endless mode and start gathering up those blocks. In Puzzle mode, you'll rotate the board to match up the colored blocks in over 50 levels. In Endless mode, rotate and click to grab all the yellow star blocks. So no matter what your preference of game, Rotato has you covered.

For me, games like Rotato are always either really hard or really easy, and here's why. I'm always too lazy to actually think about what I'm doing, instead I just rotate the board randomly until it works out. This works on a lot of the early levels, but suddenly I hit a point where my technique doesn't work anymore. But in Rotato, somehow my random, lazy rotating got me really far, all the way to level 33. Check out Rotato below if think you can do better.

Play Rotato!

rotato game of the dayrotato game of the day
How far did you get in Rotato?
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