Pioneer Trail Sheriff Station: Everything you need to know

Birdie the Fox is a fairly notorious criminal in the world of Pioneer Trail, but it's time to finally bring the Fox to justice via the launch of the new Sheriff Station and the arrival of Sheriff Mae as an important character in our games (Mae and Birdie used to be an item, so I'd imagine a bit of drama will soon be coming to the game as well). If you're at least Level 15, you can now access this lengthy Sheriff Station feature, unlocking three new crops along the way.

There are new goals to complete in this Sheriff Station, along with plenty of items to craft to actually finish everything off. You'll receive four new animals for completing these goals, along with the expected prizes like experience points, so let's dive right in and see what it takes to finish all of these goals and bring that naughty Birdie the Fox in!

Laying Down the Law

  • Place the Sheriff Station

  • Harvest 40 Fig Trees

  • Craft 3 Building Supplies

Building Supplies are crafted using Surplus Lumber (earned from chopping Oak or Pine trees that aren't saplings) and Office Blueprints (earned by asking friends). When you complete this first goal, you'll receive a Deputy Donkey, 200 XP and an All You Can Eat energy meal.

A Hankering to Stay Out of Jail

  • Complete the first phase of the Sheriff Station

  • Harvest 30 Lettuce

  • Collect 15 Can Labels

Lettuce is one of the new crops in the game, which can be sent to friends via the game's free gifts page (you can obviously receive it as a gift from friends as well). Earning enough free Lettuce seeds to harvest 30 plots might take some time, but when you eventually finish this goal, you'll walk away with a Billy the Kid animal, 400 XP and a Granny's Gut Punch drink.

Dressed to Impress

  • Complete the second phase of the Sheriff Station

  • Collect 20 Pink Flower Petals

  • Craft 4 Cotton Blouses

Pink Flower Petals drop at random when harvesting Pink Orchids. Meanwhille, the Cotton Blouses are crated using Cotton Cloth (earned by harvesting Cotton) and Pearl Buttons (ask your friends for those). Completing this quest might be another time-consuming process, but you'll be rewarded with a Red Tailed Hawk, 600 XP and a Loyal Pioneer for getting it done.

License to Care

  • Complete the third phase of the Sheriff Station

  • Collect 40 Sheep Treats

  • Craft 4 Vet Certificates

Sheep Treats come from harvesting Apple Trees, while the Vet Certificates are complex crafting projects that first require you to create Animal Care Books using Binding Glue and Book Pages. Both of these items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Once you've made three Animal Care Books, you can combine those with nine Caretaking Lessons (which drop from adult Goats) to create a single Vet Certification. It doesn't need to be said, but that's a lot of time and effort for a single Vet Certification, and you need four, so be ready to spend some considerable time on this one goal. You'll earn a Raging Buffalo, 1,000 XP and an Officer's Steed for completing this goal.

Along with the new Lettuce crop, Soybeans have also appeared on the game's free gifts page, so start sending some of those to friends as well! In the future, Mae will also be able to stop other criminals, like the Gratchett Gang, and you'll be able to craft donuts that can be used as energy as well. This Sheriff Station has the potential to turn into a fairly in-depth feature in the game, and we'll make sure to keep an eye on things as it grows.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Sheriff Station and the ability to craft donuts as energy? Do you think Sheriff Mae is a fun new character in the game? Sound off in the comments.