Perfect Prom on a Budget: 13 Ways to Spend Less, Still Shine

Prom Dance
Prom Dance

It's the time of the season, as the Zombies sing, when love runs high -- especially for the nation's adolescents, many of whom face the titillating prospect of that teenage rite of spring, high school prom.

But the pleasures of prom -- elegant dress, alluring flowers, fancy transportation -- don't come cheap: Last year's Visa (V) Prom Spending Survey found that families spent an average of $807 on the event. Spending varied widely by region, from $1,073 in the West to just $542 in the South.

And prom is getting significantly pricier. According to USA Today, spending on the spring formal is set to rise this year to an average of $1,078. "Where is it all going?" the paper asks. "Mostly towards the dress or tux, but limo rides, professional hair and makeup services, visits to the nail salon and new shoes and jewelry are also contributing to the increasingly hefty bill."

Any expense of that magnitude is worth approaching carefully, and that's doubly true for a one-night event. With that in mind, DailyFinance consulted consumer expert Andrea Woroch to find out how you and your teens can save on prom. Click through the gallery below for a baker's dozen strategies.


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