For G.I. Joe: Special Ops, getting on Facebook is half the battle

G.I. Joe Special Ops Facebook
G.I. Joe Special Ops Facebook

The other half, of course, will be for Syfy Games and Hasbro to get the dudebros interested in playing a social game. In development for Facebook in time for the June 29 debut of G.I. Joe: Retaliation in theaters, G.I. Joe: Special Ops features arena-based strategy combat with staples from the TV show and toys, like Snake Eyes, Duke, Cobra Commander and more.

Special Ops is undoubtedly geared toward male gamers, the proverbial unicorn of social game players and what Syfy president Dave Howe said is "somewhat underrepresented on Facebook" to USA Today. Each battle will last anywhere from five to 15 minutes, with the goal for each player being to successfully send his team of commandos across the battlefield. It's a given that this goal includes beating the pulp out of your enemies.

Despite its ties with the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, Special Ops will focus on the classic characters and themes for the nostalgia factor along with more new age content. And according to USA Today, Syfy Games is in it for the long haul, with updates planned for everything from new characters to fresh missions. And who knows, maybe G.I. Joe will be what it takes to wake up core gamers to Facebook more so than before--nostalgia is a powerful tool.

[Image Credit: Hasbro/Syfy Games]

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