FarmVille Pig-O: Avoid old animals while trying to score something new

If only accomplishing that were as easy as wanting it. This week's FarmVille Pig-O game comes with new lineup of prizes that differ from those available in the Japanese Garden themed Mystery Game, but the prizes that are available aren't entirely new. That is, some of these new animals are indeed making their first ever appearances in the game, while others have been around a time or two before.

This week's Pig-O game will offer a free token to most players, and the new setup causes you to not be able to see the animals that are in each slot (they're hidden, as is the case with the Mystery Game). Only once you win a particular animal will its picture actually appear. As for the prizes themselves, you can spend 20 Farm Cash per token for a chance at the following:

Black Chinchilla
Black Lab
Brown Siamese Cat
Gallic Rooster
Thoroughbred Stallion

If you win one of each of those six animals, you'll receive a free Giant Papillon Rabbit as an extra prize. Again, some of these animals, like the Gallic Rooster and Thoroughbred Stallion, may already be in your own animal collections, so make sure to double-check your farms before playing this game, since you could end up with duplicates. Still, you'll never win any of these new animals if you don't play, so whether or not the risk of duplicate animals is worth it will ultimately be up to you. Good luck winning the exact items you want!

[Via FVNation]

Did you drop your free token on this week's board? Which of the six animals did you end up winning? Did you wind up with any duplicate animals on your quest for the free Giant Papillon Rabbit? Sound off in the comments.
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