FarmVille Japanese Garden Items: Loquat Tree, Tea House and more

Another set of items has launched in the recently re-released Japanese Garden theme in FarmVille, with there being a little something for everyone, from tree farmers to animal collectors and beyond. Here's a complete look at the new items that were released this evening for your shopping pleasure.


Loquat Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Japanese Persimmon Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Origami Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Origami Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Samurai Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Japanese Spaniel - 12 Farm Cash
Momonga - 2 million coins or 12 Farm Cash
Giant Samurai Duck - 18 Farm Cash
Noma Pony - 24 Farm Cash


Tea House - 15 Farm Cash


Dry Garden - 5 Farm Cash
Stone Lantern - 30,000 coins
Stone Bridge - 10 Farm Cash

Remember, while we may have seen Japanese Garden themed items released in FarmVille previously, these items are new to the game. That being said, make sure to pull out any formerly released items from storage and make this theme something really special on your farm(s). These new store items will only be available for the next two weeks, so shop fast before they all expire!

What do you think of these new Japanese Garden items in the FarmVille marketplace? Sound off in the comments.