FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Items: Brownea Tree, Orchid Llama and more

The Hawaiian Paradise resurgence continues in FarmVille this weekend, as another set of new limited edition items has launched in the theme of the same name. These items can be purchased on your Hawaiian Paradise farm, or can be used to give a tropical flair to your other farms, but if you want the same item on two, you will need to purchase more than one. Keep that in mind before spending Farm Cash on some of the more pricey options! Here's a look at what's available.


Brownea Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Royal Poinciana Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Colville's Glory Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Octopus Tree - 14 Farm Cash

This Octopus Tree is an actual plant - it's not a tree based on the animal, even though that would also make sense given the game's selection of other whimsical trees.


Orchid Llama - 14 Farm Cash
Capybara - 12 Farm Cash
Hibiscus Mini Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Ginger Flower Pot - 20,000 coins
Tropical Garden - 4 Farm Cash
Mynah Bird - 12 Farm Cash
Water Flowerbed II - 8,000 Coconuts or 2 Farm Cash
Water Flowerbed III - 8,000 Coconuts or 2 Farm Cash

If you're looking for the Water Flowerbed I, remember that this was already released in the game last week, and with therefore expire from the game sooner. As for this new set of items, you can pick those up for the next two weeks, or 14 days to be exact. While you have a bit of time to wait before busting our your coins, Farm Cash or Coconuts, just don't forget to shop sooner or later, or you may miss out on your only chance of owning this items... ever.

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What do you think of these newest Hawaiian Paradise items? Which ones will you purchase for your farms? Sound off in the comments.