CityVille Electric Company: Everything you need to know

Now that you've branched out into CityVille Downtown, your virtual metropolis is consuming a lot more power than before, and also requires a lot more energy from you to maintain. Luckily, a new feature has launched in the game that will allow you to raise both your maximum energy cap and your premium goods cap: the Electric Company (note: you must be over level 45 to access it).

Once you've received the Electric Company update, you can build the base of the new structure with 15 energy. From there, you'll need to ask your friends for items, starting with eight each of the following five materials:

  • Condensers

  • Cable Spools

  • Receivers

  • Turbines

  • Recuperators

These items are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to your neighbors. Once you've gathered them all, you'll have a building that will raise your maximum energy cap by two points and your premium goods storage cap by 500. Of course, this isn't the entirety of this feature, as you can upgrade the Electric Company from Level 1 to Level 4, receiving more of each boost at each stage.

To upgrade to Level 2, for instance, you'll need 10 each of five different building materials, while Level 3 requires 11 each of the different ingredients. This makes each upgrade process more time consuming than the last, but if you manage to complete them all, your Level 4 Electric Company will offer 2,000 extra premium goods storage and a +5 boost to your maximum energy cap.

To go along with this new Electric Company, there is a series of four goals that are also available to complete, and we'll bring you a guide to doing just that just as soon as we can.

Are you excited to receive another boost to your maximum energy cap in CityVille? What would you do if this energy cap and energy system was removed entirely? Do you think you'd play the game more often? Let us know in the comments.