CityVille Electric Company Goals: Everything you need to know

With the launch of the Electric Company in CityVille, we've received a way to increase our maximum energy cap by five points and our premium good storage by 2,000 individual goods. This Electric Company can be upgraded through four different stages until you reach those two maximum boosts, and you can also complete a series of four goals along the way. We're here with a guide to help you get started on finishing these four goals and receiving the great rewards within them along the way!

Current Events!

  • Place and Complete the Electric Company

  • Supply your Electric Company

To be especially clear, this goal requires you to just finish Level 1 of the Electric Company, and not any upgrades. When you supply your Electric Company with goods, you'll receive your first energy cap point boost - just a single point to start. You'll also receive 600 premium goods and 7,000 coins for finishing this first goal.

Time for an Upgrade

  • Upgrade your Electric Company to Level 2

  • Collect Premium Goods from your Factory

  • Supply your Electric Company Three Days in a Row

To upgrade each Level of the Electric Company, you'll need to collect more building materials than in the previous stage, making the process more time consuming.

Let's Keep Upgrading

  • Upgrade your Electric Company to Level 3

  • Increase your Population by 2,000

  • Supply your Electric Company Five Days in a Row

Luckily, as these goals require you to continue to supply your Electric Company on consecutive days, the fact that you'll need to collect so many building materials never really feels unfair, as at least you'll have plenty of time to collect them before you'd be able to move on either way.

Upgrade One More Time

  • Upgrade your Electric Company to Level 4

  • Build Premium Businesses

  • Supply your Electric Company 7 Days in a Row

Unfortunately, we're not sure just how many Premium Businesses you'll need to build to satisfy this goal, but since you'll still need to wait a few days to complete it anyway, that should give you enough time to build anything you need to, either in your regular town or in CityVille Downtown.

Remember, once you've reached the fourth stage of the Electric Company's growth, you'll have a +5 boost to your game's maximum energy cap, allowing you to take care of more individual tasks in each sitting in the game. It may be a lot of work in actually getting that far, but I'd say the end result is pretty worth it, wouldn't you?

[Goals 2-4 via CityVille Goals]

Are you excited to be able to increase your maximum energy by five points, or do you think the lengthy construction process of the Electric Company simply isn't worth it? Let us know your thoughts on this new feature in the comments!