Most casual game tournament winners blow it all on the essentials

Zuma Tournament winners
Zuma Tournament winners

That's what we call playing to live. According to a survey conducted by ArcadeWeb, a whopping 80 percent of casual game tournament winners spend their hard-earned cash on hot ticket items. You know, like groceries and the cable bill? In fact, of that 80 percent, gaming site ArcadeWeb found that 26 percent spend winnings on food and 24 percent on bills.

Hey, a living's a living ... we guess. The survey went on to find that, of the 3,000 players surveyed, casual tournament players spend a lot of time on their hobby-turned-second-job: 67 percent spend for three or more hours a week competing. What's more ... concerning is that 39 percent of casual game tournament players eat up six hours a week competing.

Casual game tournament players are unsurprisingly 66 percent female, and the majority of which are based in the Northeast region of the U.S, the most densely-populated part of the country. Of course, most casual game tournament players are middle-aged (as in on the spectrum), with 44 percent being between ages 35 and 54. These findings leave us wondering: if folks in their 30s and older spend their winnings on necessities, what are their day jobs?

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