Fairy Farm: Pioneer Trail meets fairies and wizards on Facebook

Are you ready to move on from games like Zynga's Pioneer Trail to something that's more fresh (or, in the case of Pioneer Trail, something that's not so crowded with endless goals)? If you're also a fan of fairies, Facebook game developer Plinga has another option for you: Fairy Farm, a cute and charming title that places you in the role of a sorceress, snow queen or wild thing (among other character templates) and then sets you loose in creating a thriving oasis in the middle of the forest.

Gameplay is incredibly simple and standard for the farming genre. You'll be able plant crops that grow at different rates and offer different amounts of profit when harvested, with varying crops being required to complete the game's many quests. These quests may also ask you to plant certain kinds of trees, clear debris from your plot of land in the forest or purchase specific items from the marketplace. Trees, like crops, can be tended for fruit and watered along the way using magic. Your magic supplies serve as your overall energy, which recharges over time or when you increase your level. Leveling up also means a gaining a new selection of items to purchase in the store, with just as many items being available for the game's premium currency as with coins.


From a technical and design standpoint, Fairy Farm works really well, with storage being available immediately when starting the game, rather than being unlocked as an upgrade later on. Furthermore, the game's focus on magic and whimsy means that realism isn't such a priority, as mysterious (potentially magical) animal eggs will often need your care in hatching, and you can add items like colorful unicorns or magical purple bison to your land. Finally, as you add neighbors to your game, you can send them free gifts once each day, like building materials for structures, energy vials or even other whimsical animals like a Cowfly (a cow with wings, what else?).

Overall, Fairy Farm is a solid farming / "homestead" simulation experience on Facebook that's perfect for those that would appreciate a fresh start from other games, or simply enjoy the endless possibilities provided by the game's magical theme. You can play the game now for free on Facebook.

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Have you tried Fairy Farm on Facebook? What do you think of the game's fairy and magic theme? Sound off in the comments.

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