CityVille: Welcome the World to your city one last time before it's too late

It looks like CityVille's in-game trip around the world is finally coming to an end, as the Welcome the World event is closing up shop and items from the international theme have been discounted for your bargain shopping pleasure. This sale period will last 39 days in and of itself, so you still have plenty of time (all things considered) to pick these items up, but at least know that you can now save some City Cash or coins if you've yet to purchase these items in the past.

Items like the Mountain of Youth Community building or Rock Palace home may only be 20% off (making those particular items 40 and 20 City Cash each, respectively, other items are 30% off or more, depending on their original prices (of course, those items that cost less to begin with are likely going to have a greater sale percentage).

There are pages upon pages of "on-sale" content, spanning the globe from France and Italy to China and Japan. Just make sure to browse the many pages of "Sale" items within the store to see if you can pick up something you've always wanted, but never wanted to buy at full price.

Will you stock up on these international items before they finally expire from the game? Which ones will you splurge on during this sale period? Sound off in the comments.