Is Zynga more interested in iGaming than actual gaming these days?

Wynn Resorts
Wynn Resorts

iGaming. Short for either "Internet Gambling" or "Interactive Gambling," it's the hottest thing on the horizon for Facebook. Well, if you ask the right people, like big time social game makers Zynga and PopCap or even casino companies like IGT or Caesars. Now, Forbes reports that Zynga is in talks with Wynn Resorts regarding a potential partnership.

In short, this whole Facebook-as-a-social-casino thing might happen sooner than we think, if state legislatures get a move on with legalizing online gambling again. According to Forbes, about 20 states are already considering making the move, which would allow companies like Zynga, namely, to add real gambling mechanics to new and existing social games.

By "real gambling mechanics," we mean that, in certain states, it could soon be possible for players to pay up real money in, say, Zynga Slingo and earn money in return based n their winnings. This could be a boon for social game developers, but its effects on the social gaming ecosystem and social game design could be questionable.

Zynga hasn't released a new game since Zynga Slingo, and much of the company's open conversations with the media have been about its interests in the onset of online gambling. Save for a few rumored games in the works, like Bubble Safari and Rogues & Royals (or whatever it's called), Zynga's eyes seem to be on the slots. And one can't help but wonder what that might mean for not only the future of its games, but social games in general.

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