There's no crying in WGT Baseball: MLB on Facebook

WGT Baseball: MLB
WGT Baseball: MLB

That's because if you ask Tom Hanks, there's no crying in baseball. Period. But it's also because WGT's (or World Golf Tour) new baseball game on Facebook looks pretty darn good. In WGT Baseball: MLB, players create their own teams from their Facebook friends and enjoy America's pastime in three ways: Homerun Derby, single-inning games and month-long seasons.

Unlike other baseball games on Facebook that focus on managing a team, WGT Baseball: MLB looks to be more about getting players directly behind the plate. With full MLB licensing and full 3D visuals, this sports game looks impressive. Of course, being a Facebook game, WGT Baseball leaves much of the finer aspects of hitting the ball up to automation, leaving players the chance to predict where the next pitch will come.

But while the gameplay looks to lean on the casual side, the stat-crunching and team management looks to be just as "hardcore" as the rest. For instance, players can keep track of how well their players are in each position, train their individual skills and swap them around based on performance.

Nearly every statistic a baseball fan can think of is considered (though boiled down), and should be if he or she wants to earn the most coins to buy MLB-branded in-game items and players with. And with baseball season in full swing, WGT couldn't have better timing. Sports games do historically poor on Facebook, but maybe this will be the one to change that ... maybe.

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