The Sims Social 'Relaxathon' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Relaxathon
The Sims Social Relaxathon

When Pampering Week was recently unveiled in The Sims Social, we said it was time for your Sim to kick back and relax. We lied. Rather, it's time again for your Sim to embark on yet another quest to sate the lust for loot. This week, the quest is known as the "Relaxathon" (only a video game would an event out of relaxation), and a Spatacular Sauna awaits those who complete it.

For this quest, players will need at least seven neighbors, eight Love, eight Sponges and four Relaxation. Luckily, this quest doesn't seem to be difficult save for the time it might take to complete. Without further ado, here's everything you need to know to finish "Relaxathon" fast:

Relaxathon Part 1

  • Massage Two Sims

  • Have 4 Relaxation

  • Have the Zen Garden

The first task is as simple as visiting a friend, clicking on their couch or sofa and choosing the "Massage option. Relaxation comes from fulfilling your Sim's Fun need. The Zen Garden is a free item available in the Shop, which you should start building immediately.

Relaxathon Part 2

  • Kiss 3 Sims

  • Have Eight Love

  • Perform 10 Friendly Interactions

Kissing Sims if different from "Making Out" with Sims, keep that in mind. Perform any romantic interaction with a fellow Sim first, click the Sim again, and an option named simply "Kiss" should appear. You can do this to the same Sim three times. Love comes from performing flirty interactions with other Sims. Friendly interactions can be anything from choosing friendly conversation options to fixing or cleaning a friend's items.

The Sims Social Spatacular Sauna
The Sims Social Zen Garden
The Sims Social Hot Tub

Relaxathon Part 3

  • Harvest Four Crystal Trees [28hours]

  • Earn 1,000 Simoleons from Writing Skills [use computer or typewriter]

  • Meditate in Zen Garden Three times

Four Crystal Trees will take at least 28 hours to harvest and cost a total of 96 Simoleons and four Crystals. You can use any Writing Skill item to earn the Simoleons, like your computer or typewriter. Finally, click on your Zen Garden--which is hopefully complete after the 28 hours spent waiting on the Crystal Trees--and choose the "Meditate" option. If not, Bella has a Zen Garden too.

Relaxathon Part 4

  • Harvest 10 Wheatgrass

  • Earn 1,000 Simoleons from Athletic Skills

  • Drink from Zen Garden Three Times

Harvesting 10 Wheatgrass will take a total of one hour and 15 minutes and cost 70 Simoleons in all. You can use any Athletic Skill item to earn the 1,000 Simoleons. Finally, Bella has a finished Zen Garden, so visit her home to complete this task.

The Sims Social Zen Garden project
The Sims Social Zen Garden project

Relaxathon Part 5

  • Clean One Dirty Item

  • Have Full Hygiene

  • Have Eight Sponges

The dirty item that must be cleaned can be your own for a friend's, so search around. To fulfill Hygiene, simply interact with items like showers and sinks to fulfill this need. Finally, Sponges come from both fulfilling Hygiene needs and interacting with Art Skill items.

Relaxathon Part 6

  • Tell 7 Friends about Zen Garden

  • Splash in Zen Garden Three Times

  • Collect Five Lotus Flowers

This first task is as simple as posting a News Feed from the quest window, but getting friends to respond is the challenge. Comment on your own post to increase its visibility. If you've yet to complete your own Zen Garden, use Bella's to finish this task. Finally, Lotus Flowers can be found in your yard or your friends' yards. After this, the beneficial Spatacular Sauna is yours.

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