Search for your girlfriend and slay monsters in Oh!Monster on iOS


To say that the story and setup of Oh!Monster from 6waves Lolapps are initially off-putting would be an understatement, as you're met with some English localization issues in the menus and a story that makes almost zero sense. What we're left with is a young boy named Austin that must protect an hourglass (which apparently contains magical powers) from waves of dinosaurs, tribesmen, robots, aliens and other creatures in a side-scrolling action/strategy experience. Ultimately, if you can get over the odd introduction, there's some fairly solid gameplay within.

Each level sees you marching from the left side of the screen, creating troops with the energy that your hourglass produces. These troops attack creatures automatically, allowing you to focus solely on your own actions. Enemies advance from the right, and when your two sides meet, you'll be able to utilize both ranged and melee damage to wipe them out. Most of the combat takes place automatically, but Austin's special powers can be activated manually by tapping on them when they charge in the bottom corner of the screen.

Between each level, you'll get to spend any coins earned on upgrades, making both Austin or your weapons stronger. You'll unlock additional power-ups along the way, and will even unlock new kinds of troops to fill out your army. All of this comes with a cute anime graphical style that is actually pretty appealing and charming.


While Oh!Monster is a free-to-play experience on both your iPhone or iPad, you can purchase additional coins to upgrade faster, or unlock different weapons with your real world cash. The coins come fairly quickly on their own, however, so these upgrades don't really seem as necessary as in other games.

Again, Oh!Monster doesn't appear to be much at first, but if you can push through the game's poor beginnings, you're left with a fairly addictive game underneath, with enough upgrades and unlocks to keep those with even the shortest of attention spans satisfied for at least a short while.

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