Lucky Gem Casino on Facebook gets a visit from Rich Uncle Pennybags

Lucky Gem Casino Monopoly Party
Lucky Gem Casino Monopoly Party

Casual game maker PopCap's answer to the slots social game craze just got a bit richer. Monopoly officially has its own slot machine in Lucky Gem Casino on Facebook, titled "Monopoly Party." It's the first branded piece of content in the digital slot machine created in PopCap's Dublin studio, licensed by Hasbro (and probably made possible by none other than EA).

"We are delighted to welcome the iconic MONOPOLY brand from Hasbro into the Lucky Gem Casino," PopCap franchise business director Bart Barden said in a release. "We've worked hard to create a spinning reel game experience that truly reflects the shared fun and excitement of MONOPOLY as represented across a wide range of gaming platforms while also maintaining the ultra-high standards that MONOPOLY fans expect."

The Monopoly Party slots game is available to players of all levels, and to start allows players to pick one of five "Lucky Tokens," each of which is a piece from the original game board. (Dibs on the thimble!) Whenever the slots match up with one of the Lucky Tokens, it pays out double. And that's about it, not much has changed the core slots game here, which (arguably) barely touches on game territory. Now, where's our Mass Effect slot machine, EA?

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