Hidden Chronicles Kipling's Tiger Quests: Everything you need to know


John Macdonald, a fictional literature professor, has just appeared on your Estate in Hidden Chronicles, and he comes with a special request. John has inherited a prized jasper bookend in the shape of the tiger and knows that it once belonged to the famous author Rudyard Kipling. Using your special gift for discovering the past lives of objects, you'll need to study the history of this tiger bookend and help John find Kipling's Tiger. We're here with a guide to help you finish this feature by completing a series of quests. Let's get started!

Kipling's Tiger 1

  • Have 1,100 coins

  • Place Any Decoration

  • Play 3 Games of FastFind

When it says "any" decoration, it means it, so head into the store and buy the cheapest item you can find (say, a Gravel Path piece for five coins). For completing this quest, you'll receive 190 coins and 35 XP.

Kipling's Tiger 2

  • Play 2 Scenes

  • Hide 3 Secret Packages

  • Get 3 Spectacles

The Spectacles are earned via individual requests sent out to your friends. You'll earn 190 coins and 35 XP for finishing this quest as well.

Kipling's Tiger 3

  • Play 4 Games of FastFind

  • Get 2 Chai

  • Invite Friends to Reenact the Jungle Book

For completing this first trio of quests, you'll receive yet another bundle of 190 coins and 35 XP, along with the Kipling's Study scene that you can now explore and master.

Kipling's Tiger 4

  • Play the Kipling's Study Scene

  • Play the Royal Lounge

  • Play 3 Scenes

You'll earn 220 coins and 40 XP for completing this one.

Kipling's Tiger 5

  • Play 4 Games of FastFind

  • Find the Briefcase in Kipling's Study

  • Get 5 Hand Fans

The Hand Fans are earned through specific requests sent out to your individual neighbors. As for the Briefcase, this is another case where you'll need to wait until the Briefcase appears as one of our required hidden objects within the Kipling's Study scene. This could happen on your first try, or you could have the waste a ton of energy in hoping to get lucky. Keep both outcomes in mind. You'll receive 220 coins and 40 XP for finishing this quest.

Kipling's Tiger 6

  • Hide 3 Secret Packages

  • Earn 2 Trophies on Kipling's Study

  • Complete the Royal Lounge

You'll earn a second scene to explore by completing this scene, but further details on how to finish off quests 7-9 are unknown as of this writing. We're going to keep trucking along on our Estates to complete this guide for your reference, so keep checking back!

[Goals 3-6 Via Hidden Chronicles Elite Fan Club]

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