FarmVille: Winter Wonderland storage transfer licenses rolling out now

If you're still enjoying your time in FarmVille's Winter Wonderland, or perhaps want to move some items from that farm to others, you can now do so, if you've reached Level 10 on your Railroad, that is. That's right, the free Winter Wonderland Storage Transfer Licenses (phew, what a mouthful!) are now rolling out to users that have reached Level 10 in their railroads and then travel into Winter Wonderland to receive them.

There are currently a few ways to make this activate, according to players on the game's official forums. For one, you can collect from your Railroad and see if this triggers the license to arrive. Other players suggest doing nothing and waiting for it to appear on its own. Above all else, you'll need to make sure you're under 5,000 items in your Gift Box, as this storage License will spawn into your Gift Box, where you must manually use it to activate it. From there, you can start to freely move items back and forth to and from your winter playground as you please!

[Second Image Credit: Zynga Forums user PlainD]

Have you received your free Winter Wonderland storage transfer license? What did you have to do to make it pop-up in your game? Sound off in the comments.