FarmVille Sneak Peek: Farm Cash Flea Market coming soon

Are your FarmVille farms or your in-game gift box overflowing with useless, duplicate decorations or outdated items that you simply no longer want or need? It looks like those items might be given a new purpose in the future, with that purpose being to fund your virtual wallet with Farm Cash! According to images found by the folks at FVNation, a new Flea Market feature is in the works for our games that will offer us Farm Cash in exchange for old items.

Unfortunately, what these items are exactly is still up in the air. It could be that we'll be given an option to trade excess decorations (like bonus decorations you may claim from a holiday collection event) for a few Farm Cash each, or this could be something as complex as allowing us to trade away extra Ducklings, Saplings and the like for Farm Cash in bulk. We simply don't know enough about this Flea Market yet to make any conclusions.

Considering the game's history, I have a hard time getting too excited about this, but the image does make it pretty clear that Farm Cash is the name of the game, and that we'll be getting some (apparently) for free. We'll make sure to stay on top of things, and will let you know if that indeed happens to be the case, or if this is simply too good to be true.

[Image Credit: FVNation]

Are you excited about the potential this Flea Market feature holds? Would you be willing to sell old (but no longer available) decorations for Farm Cash? Sound off in the comments.