Top Gear (the British one) to rev Facebook gamers' engines this May

Top Gear Speed World
Now that millions of Top Gear purists have sighed in relief, social games publisher 6waves and BBC Worldwide have announced that the super popular automobile show has a Facebook game in the works. Called Top Gear: Speed World and developed by Eyes Wide Games, the social game will let fans compete in stunt-filled races and extreme challenges.

Essentially an homage to the Top Gear of old and new, players will experience classic stunts and cars from the show in a top-down view of tracks of their own creation. Players will get to challenge their friends to beat their track times as well. Based on these early screen shots, it looks like players will have to draw the track along which their cars will drive. We imagine better-drawn tracks will lead to better overall times, which they can send to their friends as challenges.
Top Gear Speed World gameplay
This news marks a lasting partnership between 6waves and BBC Worldwide as it looks to create even more social games and online worlds where Doctor Who: Worlds in Time came from. The next in line after Top Gear: Speed World is Jane Austen's Rogues & Romance, which is in development at Legacy Interactive in conjunction with BBC Worldwide. And after that, we hope bet a Sherlock Facebook game is next in line.

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